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Awesome jobs for awesome people

As promised, here’s a quick round up of all the awesome digital/social media/tech type jobs that have ended up on a list of awesome jobs I started.

Quite often, I either get asked if I know about any awesome jobs going or know any awesome people looking for awesome jobs.

(Note: they are in no particular order apart from sticking one at the end to see who reads that far)

Social Media Strategist (FMCG & other sectors) at Carat

“Exciting Digital People” at Cohn & Wolfe London

Digital Programme Manager at Corporate Edge

PR Manager – Social Media at Dyson

Digital Account Executive at Ketchum

“Part-time TPMing on games projects” at Somethin’ Else

“20 tech roles at top companies” via Thayer

Pan-Euro Communications Manager at Facebook

Interactive Content Producer at Somethin’ Else

Credible Web Developer at Made

Social Media Manager: sports and fitness fanatic at Metia

Social Media Marketing Manager, EMEA at RIM

Planner at Poke

Various awesome roles at Jam

Creative Technologist at ITV

Community Manager at BBH

Internship with Charlie Sheen (!)

If you happen to apply for any of these awesome jobs, then be sure to let them you you found out via this awesome blog post. Maybe the awesome company with the awesome job will be totally awesome and reward me for being awesome and helping them find someone awesome? Oh and good luck!

PS If you want me to take down/amend any of these job details, then just shout. Likewise, if you’d like me to add your awesome job, then get in touch. I’m @jopkins on Twitter.

PPS Excessive use of the word awesome is intentional

Social media *is* the web

Over the past three years, this slide* has been included in pretty much every single presentation/training session I’ve given.That ‘one day’ is fast approaching. Or is it here already?

*Quote from Sarah Evans at Horn Group and annoyingly I can’t find the original link.


Every now and then, you just have to post a cat video. It keeps the internet functioning.

Hello again. Fancy seeing you here.

So, like loads of other people, I’ve neglected my blog over the past year. I’ve been caught up in the world of instant gratification that is Twitter.

And, like loads of other people, I want to return to the world of blogging that I enjoyed so much. So, I’m back. This time, I’ve got a new theme. I’m keeping things simple. And I plan on being a whole load more up front, honest and opinionated.

Whilst I’ve been ‘away’, I’ve also been thinking a lot. These thoughts have began to automatically form into their own little clusters. On the blog I’m going to start exploring those clusters in mote detail. The first one is that of reality and as a little taster, take a look at this video from Hadouken. Everything in it is real, not artificially created . . .

Quick test – work in progress

Look away now if you're squeamish and don't like to see things being fixed while the plug's still in. 

Hello. Still here!

Update 4: This is getting embarrassing now. The redesign is *still* in progress. It’s May 2010.

Update 3: The redesign has started . . .

Update 2: It’s 2010 and this hasn’t happened yet. It will do – I’m just super busy on lots of other stuff (OK, mainly Twitter)

Update: It’s October and I still haven’t done this. Eeeeek. But, looks like I might be doing it this week. Yay!
- – -
Wow. That went pretty quick. I can’t believe just how long it’s been since I last blogged. Sure . . . I’ve had a few wobbles before but this time it’s been ages. And it seems like I’m not the only one. These days like a lot of people most of my online time gets spent on Twitter where I share loads of stuff and do all the stuff I used to do on the blog, but in micro format. The other place that gets a hammering is delicious, where I’m up to a silly number of bookmarks.

Anyway, just in case anybody is still listening – I wanted to let you know that over the next couple of weeks I;m going to be revamping my online presence and as part of that this blog is going to be upgraded and re-skinned. Hopefully all that spring cleaning and me feeling all nice about the blog again will give me that little bit of added motivation to get blogging in long form again. In the meantime though . . . . see you on Twitter.

Go Trek Yourself

Yes, we’ve had the original Simpsonize Me and countless other ones, but Trek Yourself passed the ‘Will it work with a cat wearing goggles?’ test. Nice work, if a little bit scary looking.

EDIT – I’ve removed the video as it auto-loaded and was getting on my you-know-whats.


Steve Eves, I Salute You – (World’s Largest Amateur Rocket)

Having made and launched a few (much smaller) rockets as a kid, I have total respect for this. And also for the name too . . .

A 1/10th-scale model of a NASA Saturn V rocket launched successfully on Saturday, becoming what is thought to be the largest amateur rocket ever to take off and be safely recovered. The feat could herald the arrival of the first amateur rockets to reach orbit.

The 11-metre-tall, 750-kilogram rocket took off on Saturday from a field outside of Price, Maryland, near the eastern shore. It flew for roughly 20 seconds to an altitude of more than 1300 metres before segmenting and falling back to Earth beneath multiple parachutes (see video).

The rocket, built by rocket hobbyist Steve Eves, replicates the look of the Saturn V rocket used to loft Apollo crew capsules into space. But its interior boasts newer electronics and significantly less fuel.

(via New Scientist)

Social Media Conspiracy Theory #1

People just want to be recognised online – using any means necessary to get links, followers, respect, love, admiration, fame etc.

Brands just want to sell people stuff online – using any means necessary to get people talking about their stuff and selling more of it.

People and brands do a merry jig with each other working out how they can use each other to get what they want.

People exchange a little bit of their soul in exchange for the opportunity to get a little bit more of whatever they are looking for to make them feel all nice inside.

So brands just need to work out the best exchange rate.

I think I should go to bed now . . .

PS – I’m not saying this applies to everything, is fact and should be taken as any kind of I believe this to be 100% true statement. It’s just a thought.

Festo and the future

OMG, etc. Check out these two great videos of some of the amazing creations from Festo, as blogged over at the always excellent Rubbishcorp. I spent a good hour this evening freely surfing the web, which I haven’t done in absolutely ages and just had to share.